Research Partnership Platform on Competition and Consumer Protection

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is the focal point within the United Nations system for competition law and policy, and consumer protection issues, with special focus on the needs of developing countries and economies in transition in this area.

Considering the important role of research and policy analysis in the development of appropriate policies and legislation responding to the challenges faced in the area of competition and consumer protection, UNCTAD created the Research Partnership Platform (RPP) in 2010. UNCTAD RPP is an initiative that aims at contributing to the development of best practices in the formulation and effective enforcement of competition and consumer protection laws and policies so as to promote development.

The RPP brings together research institutions, universities, competition authorities, business and civil society. It provides a platform where they can undertake joint research and other activities with UNCTAD; disseminate the results of their own work; and exchange ideas on the issues and challenges in the area of competition and consumer protection, particularly those faced by developing countries and economies in transition.

The role of UNCTAD is to facilitate and provide guidance on the research and analysis, as well as other activities, to be undertaken by members of the RPP. UNCTAD will benefit from the research findings when responding to the challenges faced by developing countries through its technical assistance and capacity building activities.

Currently, UNCTAD Research Partnership Platform hosts over sixty-five institutions consisting of research institutes, universities, non-governmental organizations, corporate affiliates and competition agencies.

For further information, please contact the RPP coordinator, Ebru Gokce (

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