European Commission imposes anti-dumping duties on steel products from China and Taiwan

The Commission decided today to impose definitive anti-dumping measures on two steel products originating in China and Taiwan. The Commission’s investigation confirmed that Chinese and Taiwanese stainless steel tube and pipe butt-welding fittings had been sold in Europe at dumped prices.

Chinese exports will now be taxed with anti-dumping duties ranging from 30.7% to 64.9%. Taiwanese exports will face anti-dumping duties ranging from 5.1% to 12.1%. These products are used to join pipes and tubes of stainless steel, and are commonly used in various industries such as petro-chemical, food processing, and shipbuilding as well as energy generation and construction.

The EU currently has an unprecedented number of trade defence measures in place targeting unfair imports of steel products, with a total of 39 anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures, 17 of which are on products originating from China. The Commission has been using the available toolbox of trade defence instruments to the full extent possible, while seeking the approval of Member States and the European Parliament for its proposals to make the toolbox better suited to the current reality of international trade. In addition to that, the EU is tackling the root causes of overcapacity in the global steel industry through active involvement in the Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity launched last December.

More information is available in today’s EU official journal.