What is the EU Competition Law course?

Understanding how the law governs business practices that may restrict competition in economic markets through private and public enforcement and analyzing how competition law can curb anticompetitive activities and facilitate free competition, are the raisons d’être of this training programme.

The College’s EU Competition Law training programme provides its participants with a deep understanding of the latest developments on EU competition law and the essential tools necessary to master legal complexities and overcome challenges at work.

Through detailed case studies and in-depth economic and legal analysis, this interactive programme aims at providing professionals with an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of EU competition law, focusing on practical aspects as well as substantive law.

Which methodology is used?

The training programme aims at promoting rigorous legal and economic analysis of competition matters and of competition policy reforms in the EU on a global scale. The course also provides a forum for discussion among and between experts and non-specialists interested in the subject.

High level experienced professionals lead participants through a curriculum based on the latest developments and trends of EU Competition law.

The programme is designed to be as interactive as possible. Active participation is required and a variety of workshops and case studies are foreseen in the programme. Networking opportunities are strongly encouraged throughout the course; and in fact, the programme includes a keynote speech/lunch talk, intended to provide a platform for dialogue between the participants and a high-level competition practitioner or EU official.

Different training methodologies are combined to guarantee a dynamic approach:

  • Interactive training sessions examining theoretical and practical aspects of EU competition law;
  • Workshops and case studies designed to identify and develop essential practical skills;
  • Keynote speech/lunch talk of a high-level speaker;
  • Individual and collective feedback is a key part of the exercise giving participants the opportunity to maximise their personal learning experience;
  • Active debates between lecturers and participants.

Why participate?

The advanced course on EU Competition Law will enhance your knowledge on competition law through interaction with prominent experts in the field. The course aims to offer a variety of perspectives of the main areas of EU Competition law.

Through this programme, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Improve, extend and update their knowledge and understanding of EU competition law;
  • Promote rigorous analysis of competition policy reforms;
  • Analyse recent cases and their practical implications on your everyday work;
  • Obtain cutting-edge advice and insights on crucial legal incidents;
  • Strengthen their legal and economic analysis skills through practical exercises;
  • Enjoy a unique opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment and extend their personal and professional networks;
  • Receive a certificate from the College of Europe upon successful completion of the course.

Note from the College of Europe Development Office Director

“A custom programme, a faculty of excellence and a specialised training methodology are the key ingredients to allow you to master the complexities of European competition law.”

Jesús Ballesteros
Director – Development Office