12th Annual Conference of the GCLC: Dynamic markets and dynamic enforcement: which competition policy for a world in flux?

26-27 January 2017


The advent of the digital revolution combined with the globalization process and, at EU level, the completion of the Single Market, have transformed the way businesses compete in today’s world. These phenomena are said to have significantly accelerated innovation cycles and the pace of change across many industries, while challenging the relevance of competition to deliver optimal welfare outcomes. Against this background, the conference will explore how competition policy has faced and accompanied the emergence of increasingly dynamic market environments and how it has developed strategies to ensure its lasting relevance both in the design of substantive principles and in enforcement practices. Likewise, it will attempt to capture how the implementation of innovative enforcement tools has affected outcomes and the evolution of the law. Associating lawyers and economists, practitioners and academics, the conference will therefore seek to assess the interplay between dynamic markets and dynamic enforcement strategies with a view to contributing to the design of an optimal competition policy for today’s world in flux.      

Speakers include: Carl Baudenbacher, Jacques Bughin, Peter Camesasca, Ief Daems, Pascale Déchamps, Kris Dekeyser, Alexandre de Streel, David Evans, Damien Géradin, Thomas Graf, Mathew Heim, Pablo Ibanez-Colomo, Marc Jaeger, Thomas Janssens, Jérémie Jourdan, Wolfgang Kerber, William E. Kovacic, Johannes Laitenberger, Guillaume Loriot, Cecilio Madero, Munesh Mahtani, Philip Marsden, Massimo Merola, Bernd Meyring, Jörg Monar, Eric Morgan de Rivery, Andreas Mundt, Nicolas Petit, Etienne Pfister, Pierre Régibeau, Christine Varney, Thomas Vinje,  Mike Walker

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